Bee Propolis Tincture

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Our Bee Propolis Tincture:

This batch of our product is made propolis botfrom Mediterranean propolis, which is known to be high in flavonoids and terpenes, high volume ethylic alcohol and barley vodka.

Due to its unique nature, bee propolis has a rare scent which may be funny to someone who is not familiar with propolis but in time it’s scent becomes attractive. We do not want to use any additives to alter the scent, so that we provide the highest purity and concentration of propolis in our product.

Little Personal Story:

Our friends and family use this propolis tincture for soar throats and runny noses all the time, however our mother used it to heal her stomach ulcer.

Uses of bee propolis tincture:

-Bronchitis                                                     -Otitis

-Dermatological diseases                            -Hearing loss

-Sinusitis                                                        -Prostatitis

-Pharyngitis and Laryngitis                        -Gastritis – Stomach Ulcer

-Mouth Ulcers(Apthae) – Blisters              -Gynecological diseases


Visit our shop ” NatureTrusters ” in to buy our products!

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