We are two brothers who along with our mother are interested in the achievement of good health. Our mother studied History and had worked in education in the Soviet Union. She always had an interest in traditional remedies, healing herbs etc. She learned about these recipes, which are used in traditional medicine and originated in the Caucasian region, when she was living there 42 years ago. She is producing them since then so they are a part of our everyday life in our family and our social circle.

I remember myself as a kid using the propolis salve all the time to stop my very often nosebleeds! To heal my wounds, burns and cuts after bicycle falls ( that happended often too! ). But I will never forget the day that my brother, John, had a motorcycle accident. Our mother immediately covered his whole injured body with propolis salve and tincture and he was on his feet in less than a week!

All these reasons are why I always carried a small jar of propolis salve in my backpack as a student at school and university and even now! It is mostly used on friends of mine but what can you do?

On the other hand, we use the propolis tincture for soar throats, runny noses etc. however our mother used it to heal her stomach ulcer.

Now, we made some research in academic books and articles. We concluded that it has been reported to possess pharmacological properties, such as: antibiotic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-neoplastic, anti-diarrheatic, antioxidant, hepatoprotective, cariostatic, antitumoral, anti-ulcerus, immunostimulating, antineurodegenerative, antituberculosis, anti-HIV-1 activity and blah blah blah…You don’t need to know all of these! Just Trust Nature and you will see…

So, why should we keep it to ourselves? We made the decision to share the product with each and every one of you and help you walk this path towards Nature…

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