The Mechanism of Action of Russian Propolis Ethanol Extracts Against Two Antibiotic Resistant Biofilm Forming Bacteria. Bryan J1, Redden P1, Traba C1.

Hello dear NatureTrusters,

today we have another scientific study about the effects of propolis! Take a look…

” Abstract
The interaction between antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aureus and antibiotic sensitive Escherichia coli biofilm forming bacteria and Russian propolis ethanol extracts was evaluated. In this study, bacterial cell death occurred when the cell membranes of bacteria interacted specifically with the antibacterial compounds found in propolis. In order to understand the Russian propolis ethanol extract mechanism of action, microscopy and bacterial lysis studies were conducted. Results uncovered from these experiments imply that the mechanism of action of Russian propolis ethanol extracts is structural rather than functional. The results obtained throughout this study demonstrate cell membrane damage, resulting in cell lysis and eventually bacterial death. “

The conclusion of the study is that Russian propolis ethanol extracts is potentially a very efficient and effective method for bacterial and biofilm inactivation

This is the website that it was originally uploaded:

Well, class is over for now! Enjoy and TrustNature…!

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