Meaning of the word ” Propolis “


Hello dear NatureTrusters!

Today we will explain to you what does ” propolis ” mean!

” Propolis ” breaks down to two words, ” Pro-polis “.
” Pro ” in greek means ” before ” and ” polis ” means ” city “, so bringing together the two words, what do we have…?
…let’s check it out together!

So it is clear that propolis acts as the main fortification of the city, exactly as the defensive walls do around the castles. It is also used to disinfect the beehive, seal cracks and even to cover the bodies of dead intruders inside the beehive! That is exactly why Egyptians have used propolis for their mummifications in the past.

Therefore, we can say that propolis is directly responsible for the asepsis of the beehive and the well-beeing of it.

Hope you found these information helpful…!

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